SPM 30/80-RS profiling machine


Based on the SPM 30/80, equipped with the following additional modules:

  • EL - electro-mechanical length measurement in units of 1 cm
  • RS - Disc shears for cross-cutting with roller cutter before profiling with a material feed unit


SPM 30/80-RS-LS profiling machine


With additional modular unit:

  • LS - Disc shears for longitudinal cutting before profiling


Technical data:
Material thicknesses:   NF metals up to 0.8mm | steel up to 0.7mm | stainless steel up to 0.5mm thick
 NF metals 0.9 and 1.0 mm possible by changing the profile gap
Width adjustment:   290 – 880 mm in the intake / 220 – 810 mm axial dimension
Length:   1850 mm without uncoiler/unspooler
Width:   1550 mm ready for operation
Height:   1150 mm
 Intake height:    890 mm
 Weight:   450 kg
Drive:   1.1 kW,400 volts, 3-ph. or alternatively 230 volts, single-ph.