For the production of curved profiled panels, for applications such as dormers, round arches, cupolas, barrel roofs etc. with variable radii starting from 300 mm, depending on the material. Equipped with infinitely variable speed control between 0 and 12 m/min, making it possible to produce even changing radii with no difficulty.
The infinitely variable width adjustment between 300 and 800 mm is matched to the production possibilities of the EPM, Mini-Prof, SPM 30/80 und QUADRO series. The RBM can also be used for other profile heights between 25 and 40 mm by exchanging the pressure rollers.

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Technical data:
 Adjustment range:    Axial dimension 300 - 810 mm
 minimum radii :    NF-metals from 300 mm radius
     Sheet steel from 1,500 mm radius
     Edelstahl ab Radius 1.500 mm
 Material thicknesses:    NF-metals up to 0.8 mm
     Sheet steel up to 0.7 mm
     Stainless steel up to 0.5 mm
 Operating speed:    0 - 12 m/min infinitely variable
 Length:    1000 mm
 Width:    1000 mm
 Height:    1200 mm
 Weight:    230 kg
 Drive:    230 volts, single ph., 0.55 kW