The small, handy, alternative for entry-level profiling technology. Or the second machine for the professional. Infinitely variable width adjustment, between 230 - 850 mm. Parallel panels are profiled in one pass. Angled, fitting and tapered panels are produced in a single pass. Minimum axial dimension 50 mm for a single pass. The Mini-Prof is height-adjustable and portable. mini-prof

Technical data:
 Material thicknesses:    NF-metals up to 0.8 mm
     Steel up to 0.7 mm
     Stainless steel up to 0.5 mm thick
 Width adjustment:    230 - 850 mm in the intake / 160 - 780 mm axial dimension
 Length:    1200 mm with intake guides / 900 mm with stops folded down
 Width:    1300 mm
 Height:    Infinitely adjustable between 850 - 1050 mm
 Intake height:    Infinitely adjustable between 670 - 870 mm
 Weight:    approx. 220 kg
 Drive:    1.1 kW, 400 volt, 3-ph., or alternatively 230 volt, single-ph