For preparing profiled panels for installation. For the top and bottom ends of seams on roofs, façades and breastwork with different focal points such as break points at the eaves and on the roof, channels, monopitch roofs, façade bases, faceplates, verge flashing, window lintels. Parallel, tapered and oblique possible.
The machine is equipped with a segmented rail in the top clamping bar, bending cheek and supporting table. As a result, edging work is also possible, e.g. on tiles, for transom covering and cassettes. Infinitely variable width adjustment between 300 and 800 mm; the length and angle of the folded edge (internal and external) are adjustable.


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Technical data:
 Adjustment range:    300 - 800 mm
 Coping depth:    0 - 80 mm, variable
 Length of folded edge:    15 - 40 mm
 Angle of fold:    0 - 170°
 Length:    1750 mm
 Width:    1500 mm
 Height:    1200 mm
 Intake height:    Infinitely adjustable between 670 - 870 mm
 Weight:    590 kg
 Drive:    1.1 kW, 400 volts, 3-ph.,