Schechtl MAB 310/CNC 



Model MAB is a motor driven bending with a capacity of max. 2,0 mm (related to 3100 mm working length). The power and speed of the frequency inverter controlled machine elements make model MAB a "work horse" among bending machines. Its massive design provides a maximum flexibility both from thin materials to sheet thicknesses up to 3 mm aluminium. Nevertheless its machine elements, e.g. the bending beam, are very compact and provide maximum safely in front of the machine. IWith MAB/CNC version with SCHECHTL CNC Touch Control and a motor driven back gauge bending sheets of 3 m is a one-man job. The work sheet is led through upper and lower beam and clamped with the controlled upper beam. So the piece doesn't slide forwards being clamped and the accuracy is preserved. The upper beam clamping pressure can be adjusted on each side of the machine separately. The upper beam can be opened to approx. 140 mm. Model MAB comes standard with a sharp edged rail 20° and a profile rail 20°, r = 2 mm for the upper beam and one of each insert rail 68/10 and 68/24 for the bending beam. All bending rails are exchangeable. The bending beam can be adjusted to different sheet thicknesses within a second.
- easy bending beam and upper beam adjustment
- mainly mechanical parts
- bearings and guidings are maintenancefree
- moveable foot switchr
- eccentric driven upper beam
- upper, lower and bending beams in massive welded steel design
- Moeller control elements , SEW motors
- CNC Touch Control with frequency inverter (option)