Schechtl LBX 200


Models LBX are manual bending machines for bending steel sheets up to max. 0,63 mm sheet thickness. They are built especially light and compact and designed as efficient tools for the sheet metal expert on the spot at the job site. The model LBX 200, approx. 130 kg in weight, can be easily lifted by two persons. Also very helpfully - 2 wheels at each side stand. Both wheels and the complete stands are removeable, so you can also assemble this machine to a track or work bench without any problems. In connection with an optional roller shear a sheet metal expert has everything he needs on the spot.
All models come with handles on each side of the machine which serve both as clamping levers and transportion grips. The upper beam closes vertically so the piece doesn't slide forwards being clamped and the accuracy is preserved. The clamping pressure of the upper beam can be adjusted on each side separately.
All models LBX come standard with a sharp rail 20°, r= 1,5 mm for the upper beam but it can be exchanged with bending tools of different bending radius. Therefore the bending bar can be lowered and adjusted to different sheet thicknesses and radius. The bending beam can be easily adjusted to different materials by a special adjusting screw at the handle to provide a optimum bending result.