Schechtl KS 200



Model KS is a manual folding machine with a capacity of max. 1,0 mm sheet thickness, model KSV of max. 1,5 mm (related to 2000 mm working length). The many possibilities of adjustment and the extensive optional accessories make it to the world's most successful eccentric-driven folding machine with over 20000 sold machines. This "classic" folding machine has been awarded at several fairs all over the world and shouldn't be missing in any workshop. Upper and lower bar consist of reliable rolled steel bars, the bending bar is a welded steel construction. All bearings and guideways are maintnance-free. The part is laid between upper and lower bar and the upper beam closes vertically either with a foot pedal or with two levers on each side of the machine, which at the same time serve as weight compensations. So the piece doesn't slide forwards being clamped and the accuracy is preserved. The clamping pressure can be adjusted on each side separately. The max. opening of the upper bar is app. 80 mm. Models KS and KSV come standard with a sharp rail 20° and a round rail r= 2 mm for the clamping beam and one of each insert rail 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for the bending beam. All bending rails can be changed. Therefore the bending bar can be lowered and adjusted to different sheet thicknesses and radius. There is also a scale for bending angles from 0-160° and an adjustable bending bar stop to do equal bending angles. The bending bar has anti-friction bearings and an adjustable weigth compensation by means of crank and stroke. With a numberous range of accessories (optional) KS and KSV are "power packages" for folding sheet metal.