Schechtl HA 200



Model HA is a manual bending machine with a capacity of max. 1,5 mm (related to 3100 mm working length). The combination of solid machine-elements in a welded construction and a ingenious system of springs for weight compensation at upper and bending beam makes the HA a "power package". The part is led through upper and lower bar and lower bar is closed vertically either with a foot pedal or with two handles on each side of the machine. So the piece doesn't slide forwards being clamped and the accuracy is preserved. The upper beam clamping pressure can be adjusted on each side of the machine separately. The upper beam can be opened to appr. 100 mm with a handle on each side of the machine. All bearings and guideways are maintenance-free. Model HA comes standard with a sharp edged rail 20° and a round rail r= 3 mm (HA 400 only with one profile rail 20°, r=1,2 mm) for the upper beam and one of each insert rails 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for the bending beam. All bending rails can be change. Therefore the bending bar can be lowered and adjusted to different sheet thicknesses and radius. There is also a scale for bending angles and an adjustable bending bar stop to do equal bending angles. Our models HA 310 and HA 400 are inexpensive alternatives to the motor-operated folding machines in their capacity range.