Schechtl BA 200


Model BA is a manual-operated bending machine with a capacity of max. 1,0 mm steel (related to 2040 mm working length). In combination with an optional roller shear it is both a universal job-site and a efficient workshop machine. Model BA is a welded steel construction to provide the necessary solidity and stability for transports to the job-site. In addition all bearings and guidewaiys are maintenance-free. The metal sheets are lead through upper and lower bar and clamped by operating a lever on the right side of the machine. The upper bar clamping pressure can be adjusted on both sides by means of set-screws. The max. opening of clamping bar is 100 mm. Model BA comes standard with a sharp rail 20° for the clamping beam and one of each insert rails 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for the bending beam. All bending rails can be changed. That requires an adjustable bending beam for different material thicknesses and radii. At the bending beam you find a scale for bending angles from 0-160°. There is also an adjustable stop for the bending bar to do equal bending angles. Upper and bending bar have an adjustable weight compensation that allows to work with least manual effort.