Snow guard systems from Flender-Flux are the effective way of stopping snow or loose components falling from roofs, thus preventing injury to people or damage to property. A special mounting system and the countless different models and colours ensure that these guards can be integrated quickly and individually into any type of roof.

flender sniegs 001






The new aluminium snow guard beam with special snow guard supports can be used for almost all common roof claddings.



It can be supplied copper coloured (available on the stock) but also in all other proven FLENDER standard colours (from new production). It is just clamped into the snow guard supports (no screws). Due to the surface coating there is no need of maintenance and cleaning and the roof surfaces stay clean. The beam is characterised by a long life as well as a modern and decorative design, adjusted to the todays’s roofscape.


The universals


The universal snow guard supports for the special roof in decorative design

Available in 6 standard colors and all RAL colors!

  The advantages offered here are the increased stability and the very low installation time. Furthermore, the system distinguishes itself by an individual design which adds a special decorative touch to today’s roofs.
flender sniegs 002   flender sniegs 003
Guard support no. 76b with Royal-Color guard    
flender sniegs 004   flender sniegs 005
Round wood support no. 75 b with round wood    
flender sniegs 006   flender sniegs 007
Tube support no. 69 b with round tube    
flender sniegs 008   flender sniegs 009
Rectangular tube support no. 68 b with rectangular tube    
flender sniegs 010   The time needed to mount the universal snow guard supports is very low and there is no need of screws and nails. The supports are just hung up without an additional lath. The simplified installation is given for the guard support no. 76b, the pipe support no. 69b and the round wood support no. 75b.
flender sniegs 011   The snow guard (e.g. Royal-Color) is secured against a flat spiral spring when being fitted into the support.
flender sniegs 012   Since there is a guide notch in the upper area of the support, it is no longer necessary to bend on a spiral spring.
  Further snow guards can be supplied for almost all common roofing tiles, slate roofs and shingle roofs, ciment corrugated roof slabs as well as elbow seam roofing.
   Available in 6 standard colors and all RAL colors!
  New: Standing seam roof claddings with double function 
  Snow guard supports with double function and new design to be clamped on the standing seam The snow guard support no. 66 has an exceptional double function: snow guards with a height of 150 mm as well as rectangular tubes in 25/25/2 design can be used. This system for standing seam roof claddings is completed by a snow stop clip to be clamped to the tubes as a protection against ice floes slipping through. The snow guard support is fastened by simply clamping it to the standing seam. Whether designed in natural aluminium, coated aluminium or in high-quality coating colors – the new snow guard system is well thought out and impresses by its smart design.
flender sniegs 013    
flender sniegs 014    
  Snow stop clip no. 42